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YBarter.com, the industries foremost un-common currency for Trade Exchanges.  YBarter is designed by an industry premier advisory group of financial experts to by-pass all the petty “politics” of associations and get down the the brass tacks to create a collective system that allows a fluid exchange of good and services with a central accounting system in the middle.

Community Financial Services Center Model (CFSC):

Who’s behind this central system.  Gary Lasater and the eValues platform.  Gary ran both trade associations common currency systems for a collective 9 years.  During his tenure he built the highest membership and combined trade volume for both systems, that to date, has not been matched or exceeded after his departure.

During the duration of administration of these common currency systems, he saw the flaws and encouraged the groups to get them resolved, to no avail.  After a time of fighting an up hill battle, he agreed to disagree with the committees, and left to concentrate on continuing to develop the best technology for independent trade exchanges with the eValues platform.  There is no equal in the world for continued development of system designed for the organized trade and barter industry.  Gary has over 39 years of trade and barter background in a wide range of areas that span Corporate, Counter-Trade, Media, Retail Trade Exchange, technology / systems design, and common currency systems.  Of this 39 years, Gary has been developing technology for 31 years.

After years of requests to provide a central currency system, Gary has decide to launch YBarter.com.  There is no politics, believe me Gary knows what politics is, from being a Mayor and Councilmember for 16 years, as well as Trade Associations.  This is just a system formulated by industry experts with:

  • sound banking industry principles,
  • success principles of marketing,
  • running successful exchanges

Come join us the YBarter way !!